Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Group B Activity 2 Protista


  1. Habitat--Protists mostly live in water habitats such as Oceans and Lakes.
    They have division of labour; each type with its own specialised function
    Physical Characteristics--Protists have cell walls.

  2. Animalia - All are multicellular
    - Range from very small to very large.
    - Are usually able to move around.
    Plantae - All multicellular.
    - Have cells which are surrounded by cellulose cell wall.
    - Produce multicellular embryos from fertilised eggs.
    Fungi - Are mostly saprophytic (an organism that lives on dead or decaying matter).
    - Have cell walls made of chitin.
    - Have mycelium (vegetative parts of a fungus) made of hyphae (fine white